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“All in the name of…”

So, why 4FOUR?

We agonised over a name for the Brewery for a long time (about 2 years!), we wanted something relevant to ourselves, not necessarily location, products, etc. as these are all subject to change, something that would always remain constant, that would demonstrate consistency. We then focused on our love of Music, myself being a Keyboard Player (some would say frustrated guitarist…and they’d be right!) and Christie an accomplished Flautist, settling on “4FOUR”. Solid, Reliable and Poptastic! Hope you like it.

“This is how we do it?”

We will produce 4 Ales as Regulars ranging from 3.6% to 4.7%, Golden to Dark Ale," plus a monthly “Guest Ale”, which will all be offered in either Casks or Bottles depending on Customer preference and there’s nothing to say that if a “Guest “ proves popular it won’t become a Regular. We are starting out with a 2.5BBL plant which offers enough capacity to start without overstretching . We are looking to expand organically with demand and housing the Brewery in a building that can cope with some sizeable expansion to enable growth without relocation…Breweries don’t like moving.